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Cyber-Labz | F.A.Q.


Here you can find most common questions regarding Cyber-Labz Software including fixes to get you up and running in no time ...

Bes sure to check here first if something goes wrong, theres a high chance it is mentioned below.

Error Updating ?

Error Updating your Cyber-Labz software ?

If during an update you see an error like or similar to the image below then please just wait and the update will complete successfully, 

This is an error being caused by a recent Windows Update and will NOT effect the update or the running of the bot in ANY way. 

Just click "Continue" until the update has completed.

Do you make Custom Software/Bots ?

Yes, Absolutely ...

The cost of a Custom Bot depends on what the bot needs to do, 

The price will increase for every extra task it needs to complete, for example, ..

A bot to simply Log in to a site and click a surf button with NO captcha would start around $10

If the same site had a captcha at login then this would start at around $15.

To Request a Custom Bot please use the "Contact US" link at the top of the website, and select "Custom Bot Request"

Then you will need to provide the following info in as much detail as possible :

1 - website the bot will be for

2 - What you want the bot to do (in detail)

3 - Does the bot need to solve any captchas (If so how many, just for login or between ads etc..)

4 - Is the bot for you personally or for public release ?

5 - What is your Budget


Any requests that just say "I want a bot for this siteWILL be ignored !

All bot request MUST be in the format mentioned above for consideration !

Can I Use my bot on more than 1 PC ?

Each license is allowed to be activated/used on 2 separate PC's *Unless Stated Otherwise*  

ALL licenses are hardware locked :

1 license = 1 User on 2 PC's


1 license = 2 Users on 1 PC 

* (Users may purchase multiple licenses) 

If you wish to use or move to another PC, you will need to reset your license here :


What are the requirements to run software from Cyber-Labz ?

All Cyber-Labz software will run on any Win OS EXCEPT Windows XP and Win Server 2003

Requirements :

Microsoft .NET 4.5 (Exact Version) - Official Microsoft Link HERE


Min 1GB Processor

* In some cases the C++ Library is needed *

C++ Redistributable - Official Microsoft Link HERE 

Can I run Cyber-Labz software on a VPS ?

Yes absolutely, 

Please be aware that the running of the bot will entirely depend on the VPS service you choose. 

*Cyber-Labz software will NOT run on Windows Server 2003 !

Which captcha services does Cyber-Labz software support ?

Cyber-Labz software natively support :

- Deathbycaptcha
- Decaptcha
- Bypass Captcha
- GSA Captcha Breaker
- Captcha Sniper

*Other captcha services can be used by using either Captcha Sniper or GSA Captcha Breaker as a tunnel
(If the captcha service you want to use is not supported by your purchase then you can run one of the above software's and use any of the captcha services listed as backup within CS or GSA settings)

*Service added upon request
If you have purchased from Cyber-Labz and the captcha service you use regularly is not available please send us a request and the service will be considered for implementation.

INFO - I need help with GSA !

GSA Captcha Breaker Guide

1. Download GSA Captcha Breaker (30 day trial version available from original site)

2. Open it and setup the setting :
GSA Captcha breaker and Cyber-Labz
Register at 9kw :
3. Click on API Key
GSA Captcha breaker and Cyber-Labz - 9KW API
4. Then click General:API
5. You will find your API Key, add to your GSA breaker
6. Open your Cyber-Labz software
7. Open the Settings pannel
8. Captcha Settings
9. Add GSA Captcha Breaker.
10. Enjoy.
To make it work you need to Solve Captcha on your 9kw account
2Captcha Settings
Register at 2Captcha
GSA Captcha breaker and Cyber-Labz - 2Captcha

INFO - I need help with Captcha Sniper !

1) Select "CAPTCHA Service Accounts" select "Add" From the dropdown select "Decaptcher"

2) In the CAPTCHA Service Accounts window make sure the only service that is checked is "Decaptcher"

3) Now start captcha sniper under "Settings" click "Use Hosts File Redirect" and "Save Settings on Exit" then click "Use CSSE"

(That should open the Captcha Sniper Service Emulator that will auto start.)

4) Click Stop Then click the "HTTP Api" tab check only the "Decaptcher" 

(Which sould contain "poster.decaptcher.com, poster.de-captcher.com, poster.de-captcher.info, poster.decaptcher-reloaded.com")

5) Now Click Save

6) Then Click "Sockets Api" Tab

- Check only the "Decaptcher Socket"

- Port(s): should contain "6749,3456"

- Host(s): should contain "api.decaptcher.com, api.de-captcher.com, api.de-captcher.info, api.decaptcher-reloaded.com"

7) Now Click Save

8) Restart the Captcha Sniper Service Emulator now all your captchas from ubot will be sent to captcha sniper 

INFO - Error "License Activations Exceeded"

If you see this error please first check you are running the bot as "Admin" ....

If the notification still shows then please visit your Cyber-Labz Account area and reset your license using your license details (found in your original License email) under the "My Licenses" tab,

INFO - Error "Unable to Contact License Server"

If you see this error please first check you are running the bot as "Admin" ....

If the notification still shows then this means the bot is being blocked by something (AV, Firewall, Windows UAC etc ..)

Please add your bots to any "whitelists" or "Allowed" rules within your PC protection

If the problem persists, please contact Support.

My VirusTotal report shows red, What do I do ?

Absolutely nothing, All Cyber-Labz software are safe to use !

These are called "False Positives" and are caused by some virus protection that cant read the bots code as it is encrypted, this can also be caused by bots that have an auto-update feature built in, which Cyber-Labz software do to keep you updated and using the latest version of a software.

If you are uncertain or just simply do not trust us here at Cyber-Labz, then thats no problem, 

You can run any of our bots within a "VM" (Virtual Machine) or alternatively in a "Sandbox" to give you peace of mind.

You can also use any 3rd party software that will detect what is happening on your PC to monitor what any software is doing at any time.

Ive Paid, Where Is My License ?

ALL Licenses are sent to your "Verified" Payment email address NOT to your Cyber-Labz Registered email Address

Please make sure to check your spam folder

Ive Paid, Where is my purchase ?

If you did not redirect to a download page after payment please open a support ticket and state :

-Your name

-Your Cyber-Labz Username 

-Your Transaction ID

-Your Payment email address

A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours 

My purchased software isnt loading !

When you first run ANY bot from Cyber-Labz then your bot will need to download necessary support files, 
This is done in the background so not to bother you, ..
However this can take some time depending on your PC specs, mainly NET speed, there are 60 files in total (144MB),

If a bot is taking a long time to load please do the following :

  • Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL, ALT and DEL)
  • Look under the "Processes" tab
  • You should see "*SOFTWARE NAME* : Downloading support files ......."
  • Please wait for it to finish and the bot will start

ALL License Problems !

ALL License Problems :

If you have ANY license problems, ... 

You can reset your license manually via your Cyber-Labz account area :

* Licenses can be reset a maximum of 100 times

If a license error still exists please delete the "license.lic" file within your purchased software folder and re-submit your license details from your License email.

Can I have A Refund ?


Due to the nature of the product (digital), no refunds will be given.
*However, if a customer has issues that can not be resolved and the customer provides a video showing exactly what is wrong and the bot not working then a partial refund may be considered.